Our mission is to significantly contribute to the prevention, early detection and treatment of melanoma in Australia and to improve patient outcomes.

Our vision looking forward

The AMRF proactively seeks grant submissions from recognised melanoma research organisations across Australia to support researchers and specific research projects.

The AMRF aims to be recognised nationally for its collaborative approach to funding research into the prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancer and melanoma.

The AMRF supports early detection, prevention and education programs.

Our objectives

  • To provide funding for research in clinical and laboratory environments.
  • To provide funding for treatments that improve the care and treatment for people affected by malignant melanoma.
  • To promote translation of the information obtained from research into clinical practice.
  • To become an acknowledged leader in funding of research and education for melanoma cancer treatments.
  • To raise awareness of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation brand.

Our values

  • Support research with measurable outcomes
  • Ensure ethical practices in all our operations and in the research we support
  • Collaborate and share information.

Our board members are focused on making changes so each year in Australia, fewer Australians will be diagnosed with melanoma.

Currently each year in Australia, close to 15,000 new cases are diagnosed.

Discover more about our board

Click here for our Strategy and Governance document.

Our people

Julie Calvert Chief Executive Officer

Julie has over twenty years experience as a senior executive working in the not for profit sector, most recently within the area of cancer care and registered charity. With her extensive background, Julie brings a diverse range of competencies to the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation (AMRF). The opportunity to bring to the AMRF her expertise in leadership, development, building industry partnerships, achieving financial and operational outcomes, along with project and event management experience were central to the decision for Julie to become part of the next phase of development. Julie is a dedicated team player bringing energy and sincerity to her role as CEO and is committed to making a difference by working hard towards achieving the mission and goals of AMRF.

Kim Thackray Development and Administration

Kim joined AMRF in 2013 to assist with fundraising events and now plays a major role in organising our annual major fundraiser Melanoma March in conjunction with MIA. In addition to her role of creating events, Kim is responsible for the day to day administration with a particular emphasis on being the first point of contact for AMRF, she is in direct communication with donors and continues to build strong relationships with our partners. Her role has expanded to include publicity and marketing, along with seeking fundraising opportunities and overseeing them.

Kim’s background in public relations and promotions has proved an asset to AMRF and has achieved great results with the cross promotions and collaborations which includes monitoring Grants and seeking Sponsorships for AMRF.

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