Meagan’s story

Saved by a spot-on stranger

A tap on the back at the cricket may well have saved Meagan’s Snewin’s life.

Meagan, an avid sports fan was at Adelaide Oval in 2012 watching a West Indies Test match with girlfriends when she felt a tap on the back and a male voice said: “Excuse me, I’m a doctor”.

Meagan replied “Sure, and I’m a nurse!”

Meagan had on a hat on but a strappy dress showing a bit of back. “It turned out he really was a doctor and told me I had a melanoma on my back.”

“That was on a Thursday, so I went to my doctor the next day who said get it straight out I had surgery the following Monday.” Meagan, then 33, ended up needing two operations to remove the melanoma which had spread to about 10cm.

Meagan never got the name of the doctor, but his action in stepping forward to offer a possible lifesaving warning has a wonderful legacy – Meagan and her partner Dan now have a baby daughter Ivy.

“I never got his name but I would love to meet him now to apologise and tell him that he potentially saved my life”.

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