Emily’s story

In 2011, 25 year old Emily Clohesy was worried about a mole on her back and went to her doctor to have it checked. It was diagnosed as a stage 3 Melanoma. Emily had to have her lymph nodes removed from her groin and now lives with lymphedema.

This is Emily’s account of how her life changed from that moment:

In 2011 my life as I knew it ended for good as I was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma. Yep, you read it right, cancer at 25 years old! Cancer doesn’t discriminate because of age, gender, race, looks or popularity, it picks anyone it likes.

Little did I know that what I was about to through would be more challenging then I can ever describe to you. However, I would fight and I would survive and I can now say I am 10 times the person I ever could have been without battling cancer, for me it was a blessing in disguise.

In a snap shot I went through two big surgeries, one of which left me unable to wiggle my toes, let alone walk. I could not feel my left leg at all. I had horrendous cancer treatmemt which saw me wither away to an unhealthy looking nothing and left me lifeless.

In this timely process I lost the person I loved, I lost my independence and I lost a big part of my luscious locks of hair and for those who know me you would know how awful this was – I felt like I had nothing and no longer a pretty, fun, loving lady.

However, what I did have was some absolutely amazing people who shone brighter than the sun and supported me through it all. They became my rocks and believed in me when I wasn’t strong enough to do it for myself, even though I knew deep down I would fight for my life and I would win.

And that is what I did! My gosh, I can’t even describe to you the hell I went through but what I can tell you is that it was fitness and excersice that got me through.

From the moment I could I commenced hydro therapy and learnt to walk again and then I was back in the gym trying to regain my health. I can’t stress to you enough that health is THE most important thing you have, without your health you are nothing.

While the process took a long time, I also promised myself to never do anything again in life that didn’t make me smile, motivate and fulfil me. It was at this point I was a awarded a full scholarship to undertake my fitness studies.

Battling to regain my life, I pushed through my studies and gained my qualifications. I knew my sole purpose in life was to help others become as healthy as possible because as I have already said, having your health is all that truly matters. I run and own a successful personal training studio, Inspire You PT.

I now have a passion and zest for life that pre-cancer I didn’t. I am loving and living every second of my precious life! I now wake up thankful for every single day that I am here.

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