Claude’s story

Hi, my name is Claude and in 1999, I was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma. The following four years saw 16 secondary melanomas appear throughout my body and each were removed, including 20% of my right lung and a large part of my bowel. It seemed there was no stopping this disease and it was only a matter of time before one appeared somewhere that could not be operated on and removed. I knew I was on borrowed time. In 2003, the inevitable happened and a tumour appeared on my oesophagus. The verdict was “inoperable and life threatening”. This is when I was lucky enough to be referred to Professor Coventry and his vaccine trial.

I started on the vaccine and even though three more tumours appeared, which were each removed, the one on the oesophagus started gradually disappearing. And once it had gone, miraculously, no more appeared.

I have been receiving the vaccine for 12 years now and have been melanoma free for 9 years. I truly believe the vaccine has kept the reoccuring melanomas under control and has SAVED MY LIFE.

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