2020 Research Grants

The AMRF will provide funds in 2020 to approved research projects. The number of grants awarded in 2020 will depend on the quality of the applications and the funds requested.

The AMRF will be highly selective in the research it supports. Any proposal to the Foundation for research funding will need to be contestable and show evidence of scientific merit and need within the national context.

The AMRF will specifically focus on the support of the next generation of melanoma researchers in Australia by providing research grants to post-graduate students and early career researchers.

Support for post-graduate student
Support for early career researchers

Supporting high quality research

The aim of the AMRF’s grants is to support high quality research that is not fully funded throughother grant schemes or from other sources.

Although the proposed work will likely be part of an existing supported research program, theapplication to the AMRF should be for a stand-alone component of that existing project.

A Research Advisory Committee (RAC) will provide the Foundation with advice based on recenttrends in the development of treatments for melanoma. The process is covered in greater detail inthe “AMRF Scientific Framework for Inviting and Assessing Grants Applications” which can beprovided upon request, email: ceo@melanomaresearch.com.au.

Research involving humans or animals must be approved by a relevant institutional research ethics committee and will be mandatory for ensuring funding. AMRF funds will be paid to institutions where the research is to be undertaken. A research funding agreement between the recipient institution and the AMRF will be required.

Applications for funding will be assessed against several of the following criteria:​

  • Publication history in melanoma (by the applicant and/or her/his supervisor)
  • Evidence of scientific merit and clinical need within the national context
  • Proposed dissemination of research findings
  • Broader impact on education and awareness of melanoma
  • Track record of researchers


Application for AMRF funds will follow a two-staged process. An initial Expression of Interest (EoI)will be assessed by the Foundation against the criteria listed above, with full applications invitedfrom short-listed applicants.

A completed EOI should be no more than 2 pages in length. The EOI should be directed to the AMRF Chief Executive Officer (Ms Julie Calvert) at ceo@melanomaresearch.com.au by close of business on the due date.

Key dates 2020

  • Expressions of interest open: Monday 10 February 2020 and close: Tuesday 10 March 2020
  • Full applications invited: Monday 6 April 2020
  • Applicants notified of outcome: Wednesday 20th May 2020

Melanoma research

The AMRF is committed to funding research aimed at furthering knowledge and offering better outcomes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

The AMRF will focus on supporting early career researchers in Australia.

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