Cap Hat

Meet Bernie Sharrad, founder and inventor of CapHat who is partnering with AMRF as we share a vision to disrupt predicted Skin Cancer statistics, not just in Australia, but globally!

A CapHat® is an Award winning, unique, one size fits all attachment that simply goes over your favourite Cap or Hat to provide ultimate sun protection. Your peak is extended to protect your nose and your ears and neck are completely covered. If there is wind or glare you can close the grip tabs. If it’s a hot day, dip your CapHat® in water for an evaporative cooling effect.

The lower grip tab can be secured behind your neck to provide clear vision but also still protect your neck and ears. The CapHat is available in grey, navy and Camo.

CapHats are made from a Polyester Coolmesh material and are tested UPF45.

You can now also preorder your CapHat Hoodie which has been added to the CapHat range.

CapHat are generously donating $3 to our foundation for each customer that uses the code AMRF.

If you would like to see all the latest styles and purchase your own CapHat or CapHat Hoodie Click Here.

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