Current UV Index
UV index: 0.0
Alice Springs
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
Gold Coast
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0
UV index: 0.0

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When the UV index is low, sun protection is generally not needed unless outside for extended periods

UV observations courtesy of ARPANSA

Melanoma Survivor Ben Kerslake & Leo Kerslake at this year’s Melanoma March 2019. Photo courtesy of Emma Braiser
  • Melanoma survivor Ben Kerslake and son Leo at this year’s Melanoma March 2019.
    Photo by Emma Braiser

EOFY appeal 2019

Did you know that tax deductions could reduce your total taxable income and thus reduce the overall tax you pay? For example, the more you earn, the higher the taxable amount. The more you donate, the greater the tax benefit to you and greater benefit to those you help.

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Be part of making this big difference by charitable giving to reduce your tax. All proceeds go to research, our awareness programs and support.

Click on the button below to donate via your credit card. The link goes to a secure payment page on the website of our online payment partner, Fat Zebra. Your tax receipt will be sent to you via your email address.

Thank you. Your support can help us achieve our aim of zero deaths by melanoma. Donate this June.


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