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Here, we honour those who have left us but whom we will never forget.

Each taken too soon by melanoma.  Each inspiring us to work on.

If you would like your loved one added to our tribute page please contact us.

Aaron Thomson

Newlywed Aaron Thomson – a self-described “average bloke” – was just 26 when he learned he had less than 12 months to live. Being a hard worker and young, health was not high on his radar. In January 2009 he noticed a crack appear on his heel which would bleed occasionally but then get better. Aaron always had dry and cracked heels from his work boots and didn’t think much of it.

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Sam Hughes

Sam, or Sambo as he was known to basically everyone, was a Dad, a Husband, a Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend to so many.

He worked hard as a tradie out in the sun to support his family and he played just as hard.

2009… Sam had a mole removed from the back of his head. He had put off for years getting it checked. The biopsy came back as a Level 3 Melanoma. We both had no idea how bad this was, at the time, our thoughts were “It’s just skin cancer right?!”

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Kelly Geissmann

In November 2011 Kelly was given the 5 years all clear - free from the hideous melanoma.

Yay!! What a celebration we had!! But unfortunately, they were wrong, wrong, wrong….. On the 13 July 2012 they told us it was back in 75% of her liver, and nothing could be done to help Kelly. It was hopeless!!

From 13 July 2012 to the 28 December 2012, Kelly took her family and friends on the most fun-filled, amazing, nonstop final tour. It was filled with courage, strength, emotion, love and laughter, many, many tears and lots of cheers, determination and persistence. Lots of champagne toasts of good wishes and more tears!

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